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Company Name:
Ningbo Jiangbei Yi Bai Packaging Co. Ltd.
Zhuang Qiao Industrial Zone, Jiangbei District,NINGBO,CHINA
Zip code: 315032
Tel: 0574-87520319 Ms. Wu
Fax: 0574-87520318
Mobile phone: 13857867808 Mr.Jin
About us
Ningbo Jiangbei Yi Bai Packaging Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a business of packaging decoration, other printed business. The company is located in Ningbo Zhuang Bridge Industrial zone. Own more than 5000 square meters factory. The size of printing equipment and a number of units, a plurality of die-cutting machine, forming machine, cutting machine, nail box machine, visco box machine box production equipment,.......

Add:Zhuang Qiao Industrial Zone, Jiangbei District,NINGBO,CHINA  Tel : 086-574-87520319 FAX: 086-0574-87520318
  Email:  Copyright@Ningbo Jiangbei Yi Bai Packaging Co. Ltd.
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